How To Sell My Diamonds?

Diamond buyers and inspection in Phoenix AZ Diamond buyers and inspection in Phoenix AZ

When you are looking to sell your diamond we want you to be confident that you are getting the right price and the right service by professionals. The most important thing is to choose someone you trust. Please check London Gold’s A+ Better Business Bureau AZ rating, verifying we are dedicated to ethical business practices for over 35 years.

Certification can be helpful in the diamond buying process, but certification, in and of itself, does not increase the value of a diamond.

As you arrive at London Gold, you will be greeted in a friendly manner by one of our buyers. There is typically little or no wait.  Meet our buyers! We will buy almost all diamonds. The buyer will appraise the condition of the diamond. Diamonds are generally still in good condition even after they have been worn in jewelry. If the diamond has been damaged our experts will value it accordingly.

The Buyer Will Estimate the Diamond Weight - Most diamonds are set in jewelry. We estimate the weight of the diamond by measuring the diamonds diameter and depth. Then we use formulas to calculate the estimated weight of the diamond.

Diamond prices are based on the weight of the diamond. There are price jumps at particular weight increases. If your diamond is close to a price jump we will ask you if we can remove the stone from its setting and weigh it. The exact weight will allow us to pay you the best price possible.

The Buyer Will Evaluate The Clarity Grade - When evaluating the clarity of a diamond, the grader is actually looking for inclusions using a loupe with 10x magnification either on the surface of the diamond or within the diamond. During this process we might need to clean the diamond with high pressure steam. There are many different types of diamond inclusion, and if you have the diamond certified, they are normally identified on a diagram on the certificate so that an evaluator can clearly see where the inclusions are to be found on the diamond.

The Buyer Will Determine The Color Grade - Grading diamonds set in jewelry takes a lot of experience. It is difficult with settings that surround the entire diamond as the light cannot pass through the diamond easily. The color of the metal can also interfere with the appearance of the diamond. Looking at a loose diamond is the most accurate way to grade a diamond for color. Once a diamond is loose, our graders can clean it and then compare it to master stones for an accurate color grade.

The Buyer Will Check for Treatments - A treated diamond has been altered by manmade means, usually to improve the diamonds color or clarity. Treatments always affect the value of a diamond.
Two of the most common treatments are laser drilling and fracture filling.

The Buyer Will Check For Fluorescence - Some diamonds glow when stimulated by ultra violet light. Most fluorescence has little to no effect on the appearance of the diamond. On a high color diamond fluorescence may have a negative effect on the value.

The Buyer Will Evaluate Shape And Cut Grade - The shape of the diamond,( round, princess, emerald, oval, marquise, cushion, heart, radiant, asscher and triangle) is very important when we determine a value for your diamond. Round Brilliant cut diamonds tend to carry a higher premium than other fancy shapes. When our buyer evaluates the diamond they decide what cut grade the diamond would get when it is sent for certification. The better the cut, the more your diamond reflects light and sparkles.

Our professional diamond buyers make on-the-spot transactions. You'll receive payment immediately. No appointment is necessary, so just drop by anytime during our regular hours and we will pay you top dollar for your diamonds. When you arrive we will test and weigh your diamond, evaluate the diamond grade and pay you on the spot!

Appraisals are usually created by a specialist for insurance or other purposes. And, to some extent, they represent one appraisers opinion of the diamond. The actual cash value which we will offer you to buy diamonds will likely differ from the appraised value.

All you need to bring is a valid government-issued ID (one with your photo) and the diamonds you want to sell!

An appraisal does not change the diamond's characteristics, and is usually a "replacement" value to insure against a loss. Thus, most appraisals give a maximum retail value, which may not be accurate at the time of sale (due to market conditions, for example). Our buyers do their own expert assessment, and try to give the highest possible appraisal. The price of obtaining the appraisal would be more than the theoretical value increase, if any, of the same diamond without certification.
Because diamonds are often symbols of passion or love, they can be harder to part with than any other piece of jewelry. Remember diamonds are only material things and then make your decision accordingly.
  1. Know what you’ve got.
  2. Set a realistic price.
  3. Investigate your selling options.
  4. Be emotionally ready to sell.
Scattered Loose Diamonds in Phoenix AZ Scattered Loose Diamonds in Phoenix AZ