The Best Custom Jewelry Experience!


Our custom jewelry designs are made in-house for a fast, easy, and brilliant experience.


We begin the process with a consultation session by visiting one of London Gold's 3 locations in ScottsdaleChandler, or Arrowhead. Our professionals offer top notch service and creative insight which can make the process fun and exciting. After looking over your favorites from our Portfolio of Design Ideas, your own personal sketches, or other ideas we'll sketch, we create some CAD concept renderings of your design for your approval. You can view the design drawings by e-mail or in person.
It is common for us to design custom diamond engagement rings, but the sky is the limit. We've custom designed diamond bands, custom rings, custom pendants, and more! Every piece is unique and special to your taste and personality.
Our jewelers have over 200 years of combined experience and are experts in design, rendering, modeling, stone setting, and polishing! Every location (Scottsdale, Chandler, and Arrowhead) offers custom jewelry design services and can assist you in making your vision a reality!

Come in today and CREATE your dream.



James C.


Wax Model Viewing

Once completed, you can view your model to see if it is exactly what you're looking for. If not, we will make adjustments , and we are never offended if the wax does not turn out as you expected. We will work with you until we get it exactly right. Waxes for viewing during the Design process may be larger than the final product. For instance, the stone setters need extra material to be able to set stones, so bezels and prongs look heavier and taller in wax form, but are brought down to size after the stones are set.


Once the design has been approved, the model is now set for casting. We cast most pieces here in our in-house casting facility. By designing & manufacturing virtually all of our pieces in house, we're able to keep our prices low, too!

Stone Setting

We always hand set each stone, detailing all areas to near perfection. We never cast stones in place, an inferior technique used to mass produce low quality jewelry. Compare to see our attention to fine detail and craftsmanship.

The Final Stage

The production process includes adding texture and detailing if requested. Before quality marking, we double and triple check all details of the design to ensure all instructions have been meticulously followed, the design is well executed and all craftsmanship is top notch. Most projects are in process for 3 to 6 weeks from consultation to completion. In order for a piece to be started, and for the estimate to be agreed to by both parties, a 50% deposit must be taken on the piece.
We want your design meeting to be relaxing, fun and inspiring. Our ultimate goal is to create a piece of jewelry that we can all be proud of, and have a fun time doing it!
We truly love designing and creating fine jewelry, and we promise to pay extra time and attention to ensure that everything is just right! Whether you know exactly what you want or have absolutely no clue…we listen to understand each client‘s tastes and look at each project as a fun challenge to create a unique and beautiful work of art. If your piece will have a gemstone, we will often start the process by helping you choose the perfect one for you. We stock hundreds of fine quality gemstones and diamonds.
*The possibilities are not limited to the designs already made. Please call or visit your nearest London Gold for pricing and customizations.