Personal Jewelry Stylist

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Complementary Personal Jewelry Stylist

Need some help finding the perfect jewelry? Our experienced personal jewelry stylists can streamline the shopping experience for you. Contact our team for a quick conversation to give us an idea of what and whom you are celebrating, and let us put together a beautiful collection of options just for you. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or someone else, we can text and email pictures and videos even before you come in to pick up your items. We’ll make sure that you are delighted!
Personal Jewelry Stylist Service Options: 

Engagement Ring Selection and Design

We are always on the lookout for the best engagement rings for women. That means that we are always keeping up with the latest jewelry trends and making sure that we bring you the very best!
We understand that shopping for an engagement ring can be stressful, but our personal jewelry stylists are here to help you.  They will get to know you and your significant other to guide you towards a diamond and ring you will love and cherish. Our jewelry specialists are also experts in diamond grading and can help answer your questions. 

Birthday Birthstone Jewelry

Need a special gift for a birthday? Birthstone jewelry is a great option. Let our personal jewelry stylists find a gemstone ring, pendant or earrings to celebrate this special person in your life. 

Anniversary Celebration

Celebrating another year together? Finding an anniversary gift can be stressful. Our jewelry specialist can help! We can work with you based on your budget and vision to find an anniversary band or another special gift to celebrate your love. 

Jewelry Push Gift

In the last several years push gifts have become more popular, and we understand why! The miracle of a baby being born is huge life milestone that should be celebrated and cherrished. Our jewelry stylists can help pick out a special piece such as diamond studs to commerorate this very big moment! 


How to wear your jewelry!

Have jewelry sitting in a jewelry box? Want to add to your jewelry collection? Our jewelry stylists can help you mix and match your existing jewelry or help you add a special piece that you can adorn every day or for a special occasion. Our stylists can help you stack your rings, or create a layering necklace look you will love!