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Sometimes a favorite chain needs a quick repair or a piece you love needs a little extra care to make it perfect. As a result, London Gold offers extensive restoration services from the simplest to the most elaborate to ensure a treasured piece of jewelry is wearable on every level.

With more than 30 years of experience working with all kinds of jewelry from new engagement ring re-sizing to vintage restoration, our crafts people are experts and care as much about your jewelry as you do.

Bent Prongs

Bent prongs can occur for a number of reasons, whether its because you’ve accidentally dropped a heavy object on your ring, the prongs have been caught by cloth, you closed the door on your ring or it was slammed against an object. In these situations, you run the risk of one prong or several prongs beImage describing the anatomy of a misshapen, pulled off of the diamond or broken off entirely. After you’ve identified the damage, you should bring in your ring to your local jeweler to get it properly assessed and fixed.

Missing Side Stones

If any of your side gemstones are missing, it is critical to bring your jewelry in to any reputable jeweler to asses why it happened and the cost to replace it.

Bent Bottom Shank 

Picking up heavy weights (with most of the weight resting on the bottom of the ring,) hitting something too hard, or any strenuous work could ultimately result in bending the bottom half of your ring. In the event of this happening, take it to a reliable jeweler to assess the problem.

Ring Stuck On Your Finger

In the event that your ring simply will not come off, it is best to seek a reputable jeweler to cut off the ring for you; they typically insert a ring cutter that fits between the bottom of the ring and your finger to carefully cut a very small section off.  Once this is complete, you can slowly pull the ring apart and bring it over your knuckle. After this process, it is still possible to repair the ring; ask the jeweler about the cost associated with fixing the missing piece of metal.  

Loose Side Stones

If you find that any of your side stones are loose, have a reputable jeweler tighten the prongs or metal surrounding or holding the stone.

In-Store Jewelry Maintenance

In an effort to fix any problems that may have been previously overlooked, it is important to bring your jewelry in every six months for inspection. Not only can this potentially save you time and money - it will also catch any gemstones that may be loose before they have fallen out. 


Plating, enamel/epoxy, polishing, clean ring, satin finish, brush finish and florentine finish.

Chain Repairs & Soldering

Advanced chain repair, basic chain repair, chain braiding with soldering, jump ring solder and charm soldering.Jeweler soldering a piece of jewelry.

Clasp Repair

Spring rings, fish hook, box clasp, lobster claw, and barrel clasp.

Pearl Repair

Knotted restringing, restring without knots, drill pearl and glue pearl.


Simple ring engraving and engraving setup.

Earring Repair

Soldering post, screw-back and post conversion, lever-back drop conversion and converting bracelet link to earring conversion.


Rebuilding bezel, seat and channel sets, gold link rebuilding, gold link addition/removal and bail repair.


Basic and advanced platinum welding and ring sizing.


Fabrication, gold testing and diamond testing.

Watch Repair

Watch link removal, battery replacement, crystal replacement/repair and rebuilding movements.

Custom Design Process

Images showing the stages of a custom made engagement ring.Computer Design and Casting on site. 
For more information on Custom CAD Design visit our Custom Jewelry Design page.