The idea that a well-made piece of jewelry may one day become an heirloom inspired Kirsten Boedecker to create her first piece of jewelry. Multi-faceted passions of travel, music, and nature fuse together to evoke an element of playfulness and adventure in each piece. By combining striking designs in sterling silver with semi-precious gemstones, hand-carved mother of pearl, unique finishes, and 18K gold accents, KIR creates a versatile and accessible collection. With KIR, you’re encouraged to express your personal style and always feel confidently beautiful. Kirsten has been designing jewelry for 30 years, starting in her garage in Boulder, Colorado and now expanding across the globe. The company was originally founded in 2001 by Kirsten Boedecker and Jennifer Klein and is still privately owned by its’ two founders today. KIR is operated by a dedicated all-woman team, always performing with the upmost integrity. Design, development, raw material planning, quality control and customer service are overseen by the KIR executive office in Boulder, Colorado.