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April 20, 2018




Engagement Ring Styles and Types

What engagement ring fits your personality? With so many options, we can help narrow it down. 

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Ring Styles
Determining your ring type is a major step when you’re buying an engagement ring. London Gold offers a selection of styles that range from the classic solitaire engagement ring to contemporary tension rings. Whatever you have in mind, from the simple to the simply extraordinary, London Gold has a ring to suit your taste.

Channel Set Engagement Ring

Channel Set Engagement Rings

In this style, a channel or groove is cut into the band of the ring and the diamonds are mounted in the groove. No prongs are required since a thin strip of metal holds the stones in the channel. This mounting style allows for a flush surface that can’t catch or snap on clothing and is typically hardier than other engagement ring styles. Bands are usually made of platinum or gold and a variety of diamond cuts can be accommodated with the channel set style. One popular option is to use princess cut stones with square surfaces since these diamonds will line up with no spaces in between them.


Halo Engagement RingsHalo Engagement Rings

Micro pavé diamonds surround the center diamond in this engagement ring style. The pavé stones make the center stone look bigger, give the appearance of depth and add some sparkle. Vintage-style halo engagement rings tend to feature milgrain detailing along with micro pavé; traditional halo rings update the classic solitaire ring look. Halo rings incorporate many sizes and shapes of center diamonds, including asscher-cut, oval, pear-shaped and round stones and may include a colored stone such as a ruby, emerald or sapphire.


Pavé Engagement RingsPavé Engagement Rings

This type of engagement band is covered in very small diamonds, giving the surface the appearance of being made of solid diamonds. Only tiny amounts of the metal shows through so the diamonds seem to be free-floating. The pavé style may stop halfway around the band (known as half pavé) or wrap around the entire band (known as full pavé). A style known as micro pavé uses more intricate, delicate settings to give the effect of a full diamond surface with intense fire. Center stones in a pavé style engagement ring are usually either princess cut or round brilliant diamonds which may be basket set, bezel set or set with prongs.



Sidestone Engagement RingSidestone Engagement Rings

Engagement rings with one large diamond in the center and two or more smaller diamonds on either side are known as sidestone engagement rings. By adding brilliance and size to the center stone, the side stones make the ring appear more radiant and impressive. Most shapes of diamonds can be used in a sidestone engagement ring; princess cut and round brilliant stones are two of the common types.


Solitaire Engagement RingSolitaire Engagement Rings

The classic solitaire ring has a simple band, a mounting with four or six prongs and a single stone. Solitaire engagement rings are consistently among the most popular kinds. Elegant, simple and timeless, they come with some variations in style and many different sizes. Bands may be thin to complement a smaller hand or to make the diamond appear more pronounced. Other solitaire bands are thicker and allow for the diamond to be set in a variety of ways. Solitaires may have rings wraps or guards framing around the diamond to enhance it.



Tension Set Engagement RingTension Set Engagement Rings

A modern setting style, tension set rings hold the diamond in place without prongs, using the physical force of the metal. Diamonds appear to float. This style is more secure than prong setting for holding the diamond in place. Because the entire diamond is shown off by this “floating” style, its cut and shape are very important. Emerald, princess cut and round are all popular choices for tension cut rings.



Three-Stone Engagement RingThree-Stone Engagement Rings

Similar to a sidestone engagement ring style, a three stone ring uses a diamond on either side of the center stone to make the center diamond (typically a round brilliant or center cut stone) appear larger and more brilliant. In this style, the center stone is set higher than the side stones to add the appearance of depth. To help the center diamond stand out, it is usually basket set, bezel set or prong set.



Vintage Engagement RingVintage Engagement Rings

Antique-style and vintage-style engagement rings combine the long-lasting design elements of contemporary ring design with the intricacy and beauty of traditional rings. These rings may be patterned after a style popular in many different time periods, from the Victorian era to the Art Deco period and beyond. Vintage-style rings generally optimize the diamond’s brilliance, fire and ability to reflect light by using modern cuts. At London Gold you’ll find platinum, yellow gold and white gold vintage- and antique-style engagement rings. Most cuts of diamonds can be incorporated into an antique or vintage design, and the center diamond will typically be basket set, bezel set or prong set.


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