5 Engagement Rings for the Old Soul / Vintage Lover

August 30, 2016

Your diamond engagement ring should reflect your personality. It's something that you will wear every day of your life (but, read about our lifetime trade-up program). We've selected a few rings that are vintage-inspired and perfect for the gal with an old soul. We can already picture your wedding dress...a little lace perhaps? 

1. Tacori Platinum Engagement Ring

This five-stone band is a classic vintage piece. Not only is Tacori known for a more traditional look, but it also evokes a timeless feel. The filigre on the shank and the two baugettes on either side really enhance the the center diamond. The center stone is sold separately, but this semi-mount engagement ring fits a princess cut diamond

Tacori Diamond and Platinum Engagement Ring - Scottsdale, Arrowhead, Chandler, Phoenix

2. ArtCarved Rose Gold Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Rose Gold has become increasingly popular recently. This engagement ring has a slightly contemporary shank, but its flower halo and pave diamond band gives this ring a more vintage look. For the girl that likes something timeless with a hint of contemporary, this ring is perfect. The center stone is sold separately, and is prepared for a beautiful round brilliant diamond. 

artcarved rose gold diamond engagement ring

3. Beverley K Collection - Vintage Engagement Ring

Beverley K is known for beautiful craftsmanship and vintage-inspired designs. This Beverley K 18K gold engagement ring has an art deco asthetic due to the stepped baguettes on each shoulder. The beading on the halo and shoulder also give this piece a more vintage look. The center stone is a round brilliant diamond, and the ring comes in rose gold, yellow gold, white gold, or platinum. 

Beverley K Diamond Engagement Ring - Vintage Style - Scottsdale, Chandler, Arrowhead, Phoenix

4. Isadora Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

Isadora uses the finest diamonds and craftsmanship. The diamonds in the vintage halo design with beading are G in color and VS2 in clarity. The diamonds along the shank are also similar in color and clarity. The unique halo adds a framing to the center stone that is as unique as it is beautiful. The round centerstone diamond is sold separately.

Isadora - Diamond Halo Engagement Ring - Scottsdale, Arrowhead, Chandler, Phoenix

5. Beverley K Collection - Rose Gold and Morganite Marquise Ring

we've received a lot of calls about this one! This ring is stunning. The marquise center stone is morganite, which enhances the rosey color. Because it's not a diamond, it tends to be more pocket-friendly, but still has a very regal look. The detailed shank with beading also gives this a more vintage look. 

Beverley K Morganite Marquise & Diamond Engagement Ring - Scottsdale, Chandler, Arrowhead, Phoenix

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