Why Buy A Clarity Enhanced Diamond

Want A Bigger Diamond?

One of the most asked question customers ask is "What does Clarity Enhanced mean?".  A clarity enhanced diamond is a natural diamond! A clarity enhanced diamond is one that originally had inclusions that were visible to the naked eye, but with modern techniques the inclusions are "filled," making them less visible. The enhancement process has the same optical properties as a diamond so light travels through the stone as if those original inclusions weren't there, allowing the diamond to sparkle and scintillate as fiery as a certified diamond of "comparable" grade! 

How much does a Clarity Enhanced Diamond cost? One of the main advantages of clarity enhanced diamonds is their relatively lower price compared to non-enhanced diamonds. This lower price means you can afford a larger diamond.  We use the Clarity Enhancement process to improve the original diamond clarity using natural rough diamonds with lower clarity, which of course is less expensive than rough diamonds of higher clarity.  This treatment does not change any other property (cut, color, carat weight); it only affects the diamond’s clarity.

The diamond for an engagement ring may be the biggest purchase you've ever made. And with the right information, you'll be able to spend your budget on the diamond qualities that are most important to you.  If you have a budget for your diamond purchase, then a lower price for a larger Clarity Enhanced Diamond means that you can afford a larger, brighter diamond and stay within your price range. We have a big selection of Clarity Enhanced diamonds that are loose and set-up in every size and shape. 

Clarity Enhanced Diamonds life-time warranty:
The diamond clarity-enhancement process should last forever. However, using a direct torch flame on the diamond or soaking the diamond in acid will damage the enhancement. This is why it is always important that the recipient of a clarity enhanced diamond knows that it was enhanced and can relay that to any jeweler who may work on the jewelry in the future. London Gold will repair the enhancement free of charge if your diamond’s enhancement should discolor while being worked on by our jewelers.

Shop Clarity Enhanced Diamonds.

  • You can wear and enjoy a larger diamond every day.

  • Blow everyone away with size and beauty of an incredible diamond.

  • GIA/EGL certified diamonds of "comparable" beauty cost 2-3 times more.

  • Your Clarity Enhancement Treatment is GUARANTEED FOR LIFE!

  • There is nothing inherently wrong with this or any other enhancement process, so long as it is always disclosed at every level of sale.

Yes, you can enjoy your Clarity Enhanced Diamond!